Preparing Your Home for an Earthquake


Earthquakes happen frequently around the world and are harmless a lot of the time. However, when they become stronger they can cause a lot of damage to homes and other buildings that aren’t built to handle the damage. The way and time period that your home was built in determines whether it will be more susceptible to damage from earthquakes or not. Check that your home’s structure is anchored to the foundation and that crawl spaces don’t create weak spots. If your foundation is a pier-and-post it needs to be braced properly and masonry walls need to be reinforced.

Fixing the Structure of Your Home

When you are a homeowner you are responsible for finding these weaknesses and repairing them. However, you may not trust yourself to do the repairs yourself. Making sure your home is structurally sound is important so that you don’t spend even more money repairing the damage afterwards. If you are renting talk to the landlords about what has been done in order to reinforce the property against earthquake damage before you decide where to stay. Calling professional reconstruction companies will help you to identify and fix the current problems with your home.

Damage Caused by Objects in the Home

Be aware that any unsecured objects that can move, break or fall will be dangerous and possibly cause damage to your home. By looking around your home you can observe any tall or heavy objects that can fall and cause damage. Include appliances, electronics, hanging items, and anything else that can cause a lot of damage. Make sure to secure these items with hooks, fasteners and straps. This will make sure that they don’t fall over.

When an Earthquake Occurs

Make sure that you quickly react and seek cover in an area where you are protected from falling objects. Have an emergency backup of supplies that will last you around 3 days. Have phone numbers for everyone written down so that you can call them without your cell phone if necessary. Don’t hesitate to leave your home as soon as the earthquake is over so that you can check for additional damage. If you hear any noises they may indicate gas leaks or broken water pipes. You can shut off your gas, electricity and water if there are any broken lines that need to be fixed.



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