Effect of Black Mold on Pregnancy

Black mold is often found in buildings that have issues with getting rid of moisture. It will grow on any material containing cellulose and also appears as a greenish-black color. It frequently grows outside as well on wood, dried up leaves, or other decaying materials. Black mold can grow on the following surfaces:

Natural carpet. Insulation. Wood. Wallpaper. Cotton. Ceiling. Tiles. Paper. Drywall

Black Mold Exposure

This mold is a tricky one because it mostly begins releasing its spores after it becomes dried out. Once the wet slime that is the mold begins drying out the spores can begin to break away from the mass. They become released into the air and then are inhaled by the occupants of the building.

How Does it Affect Pregnancy?

There is no distinct evidence that proves that black mold causes pregnancy loss, but it is believed by many to be a causative factor. There are many reports that do support the idea that pregnancy loss in humans is possible due to mold exposure. Animal studies with mice have shown that mold toxins disrupt fetal development. Many of the mice in this study weren’t able to produce as large or healthy litters as they would have normally. If you are pregnant the best thing you can do is to make sure that your environment is as clean and mold-free as possible.

Testing for Black Mold

If you find mold make sure to have someone first put on protective gear including a face mask, gloves, and safety goggles. This will ensure that they don’t accidentally ingest the mold while inspecting it.

1. Get a few inches of scotch tape.
2. Hold the tape with the sticky side against the mold and gently press down.
3. Don’t fold the tape and stick it into a sandwich bag.
4. Write locations on each of the bags to keep track if there are differences in the mold.
5. Put all the baggies into a mailable envelope or bag.
6. Send the sample to a mold testing laboratory that you find online.

Wherever you send the mold will take some time to inspect it and then will call you with the results. If you find that you do have mold on your hands it is time to call professionals like Water Damage Zone to come in and completely remove the mold from your home. Risking your pregnancy by living in moldy conditions isn’t a smart thing to do. Make sure that you check all of your surrounding and limit your time in areas that may have mold in them.

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