Small Leaks Lead to Big Problems

Pretend that you are walking around your home, going about your daily routine when you hear a faint dripping in the background. You try to discover where it’s coming from but to no avail. You check all of the faucets in the home in all of the bathrooms. Even though you’ve checked every room you can’t seem to find it. Eventually, you walk towards the wall next to your bathroom. You put your ear up to it and hear the dripping from within the wall. This is a common occurrence in homes that need some maintenance and shows just how easily a leak can be overlooked and allowed to continue for long periods of time. Well, these leaks may seem small but they cause big problems.


One of the first things that you should be concerned with is mold. Mold can easily begin to grow from a small leak in your home. The more hidden the leak is, the more likely there is to be mold growth because you won’t be able to see it. Remember, mold likes moist damp places to grow in. It will quickly take hold in these areas and begin to spread throughout the home.

Damage to Drywall

Water will also degrade your drywall. Once it has made contact with the drywall it will begin to absorb into it. Drywall is not water resistant so it will continue absorbing the water which will cause it to morph and degrade until it is in need of replacement. This is why it is important to detect leaks and fix them quickly.

Electrical Wiring Havoc

Any electrical wires or outlets that come into contact with water will become damaged and dangerous for those living in the home. The moisture from a leak is all that is needed for the electrical wiring in your home to go crazy. Water will also flow in your home because of gravity and this will inevitably lead it to places like outlets and wires that you don’t want it to reach.

Structural Destruction

Water will also soak into the structure of your home. This includes the foundation and the flooring. Over time these things will begin to warp and discolor, creating the need for massive overhauls and repairs in order to restore the home to its original condition. Water is also harder to detect in these areas because like inside of your walls, it is hidden from your view.


Hidden water leaks in your home will also undoubtedly provide pests with the moisture that they need to survive. They will use the water for hydration and also may build their nests around it because it is usually in a hard to see area. Once pests have found a home they will continue to wreak havoc on yours until you find them and eradicate them. Even then, it will be hard to keep them out unless you fix the source of the problem, the leak in your home.

Professional Repairs

When you have found a leak in a hard to reach area it usually means that it’s time to call professionals like Water Damage Zone. We know how to check difficult areas for leaks so we can be sure before drilling holes into your walls that it is necessary in order to repair the damage. Companies like ours are certified and experienced in fixing this type of damage. We will quickly and efficiently patch up holes and repair leaks so that your home is back to normal in no time.


Call Water Damage Zone today (877) 520-1923  your future bills may be a lot smaller, if you follow these simple tips. You can also visit our sister company for further information on restoration services at Best American Builders.

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