Fire Damage Preparation Steps

Firemen at Work

In the United States, nearly 3,000 people die and 13,000 are injured in home fires every year.  The costs of the homes and items lost are estimated to be $7.3 billion each year.  The amazing piece of this information is that people need not worry about home fires if they prepare the right way.  You can prevent losing a loved one or cherished possessions if you prepare for fire in the home the same way.

In the time before a fire, it is best to be proactive.  Learn where the local Fire Department is in relation to your home.  In many cases, Fire Department officials will perform a walk through of your home in order to see where the risks might be, and they will give solutions on how to better prepare in the event of a fire.


It is easy to prepare your home.  Work with your family and discover the best routes to exit the home, or fire escapes in the home.  You should have a minimum of two ways to get out of each room.  Make sure windows are not stuck, and they can be opened or removed quickly and easily.  It is important to teach children that firefighters in full gear are not to be feared, but they should be approached in the event of a fire.

Smoke alarms are also crucial in home preparation.  Dual smoke alarms are best as they detect both ionization and photoelectric smoke.  Test the batteries monthly, and place them on every level of the home, especially in sleeping areas.  Never disable a smoke alarm as this places your home and loved ones in jeopardy.


Furthermore, the removal of combustibles and securing of fuel sources can be vital in the event of a fire.  Try to prevent the fire from gaining fuel and intensity.  Keeping these items away from flames will make the fire more manageable and lessen the damage.  As a fire moves through your home, close doors and windows in order to prevent fire access to oxygen.  As a fire burns it will exhaust all available oxygen in a room and smother itself.  Closing doors and windows keeps oxygen from getting to the fire.  One way to do this most effectively is to use a water and smoke sealant to create a barrier.  Many water barriers are fire resistant for four hours which during a fire can be the entire lifespan of the blaze.  Water barriers can help limit the spread of fires in the home and add to the smothering process.

Get out

The best thing that you can do in a fire is simply get out of the building as fast and calmly as you can.  Keep calm in the event of a fire, and find a cloth to cover your nose and mouth.  This helps to filter the air and keeps smoke/soot out of your lungs.  The key to surviving is to know your exits through consistent practice.  Get low to the ground, under the smoke and crawl your way to the exit.  Once you are out of the building, go to your meeting area and call for help.

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