Mold in The Washer and Dryer

When you wash your clothes, it is a reasonable expectation that your clothes will be clean and ready for use.  We all look forward to the fresh smell of clothes when they emerge from the washer and dryer, but what if your clothes weren’t as clean as you hoped?  With mold potentially in the washer and dryer, your clothes might need to be washed again once the mold issue has been resolved.

Mold is incredibly pervasive, and it gets everywhere in your home.  We hope that washing machines and dryers provide us a safe haven from mold, but the recent court hearings of the past few years show that concerns about mold need to extend to washing machines and dryers as well.

Mold can be very detrimental to your health if you allow it to go unchecked.  It feeds on dust and moisture, and it reproduces by spores.  All of these can be present when we do laundry.  When clothes come from the washer, they can still contain particles and provide the moisture needed for mold growth.  The spores of mold are very durable and can withstand extreme heat and cold, and when you wear your favorite outfits, you could be spreading mold spores throughout your home.  This would raise your risk of wheezing, coughing, allergies, and potential for asthma in severe cases.

While washers and dryers can contain mold, there are some easy ways to help mitigate the mold issue.  First, wipe the machine dry when you are done with your laundry.  By removing moisture, you are depriving mold a key ingredient that it needs to grow.  You can also clean the detergent dispenser at least twice a month to prevent a buildup that could feed mold.  If your laundry room is damp, you may wish to run a dehumidifier in order to remove extra moisture from the air.  Keep your washer open when not in use in order to keep air circulating in the unit to air-dry any moisture you may have missed.

If you do the above on a regular basis, it is possible to minimize the impact of mold in your laundry room and home.  However, there are instances where mold grows, and it is necessary to call in a professional remediation.  Be sure to save all your warranty paperwork, but mold remediation professionals can help identify and solve mold issues in your home.  Being certified and knowledgeable in the most recent and up-to-date practices, these services can get it right quickly so you are sure that your items are clean when they are washed.

Call Water Damage Zone today (877) 520-1923  your future bills may be a lot smaller, if you follow these simple tips. You can also visit our sister company for further information on restoration services at Best American Builders.

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