Plastic Protects Your Belongings from Mold

We often put our valuable belongings in cardboard boxes and place them in the attic for storage. Months or even years later we open these boxes up and to our dismay, everything is covered in mold. This is why it is imperative how to know how to properly store your belongings so they don’t get moldy. Plastic, a material often shunned for its lack of being biodegradable, is your secret weapon.

Why Not Cardboard or Wooden Boxes?

Cardboard and wood are materials that allow mold to feed on them. Mold can easily permeate through the pores of wood or cardboard and begin to grow on the materials inside. These means the sweaters and pants you’ve been storing are going to be moldy and ruined by the time you pull them down again. Prevent yourself from having to deal with this problem by using storage materials that aren’t organic. This way mold will be unable to grow on them.

Using Plastic to Cover Openings

Our homes often have holes or openings to the outside world. It is important to cover all of these in order to prevent mold from finding its way inside. If there is dirt in any of your crawlspaces you can place a plastic sheet over it to prevent mold from finding its way into your home. By strategically placing plastic so that it completely covers openings and holes in your home, you can prevent and minimize the spread of mold. It is important to ensure that the plastic is completely covering any opening and that it is secured on all sides so that no opening to the outside is left.

Finding Mold On Belongings or Furniture

If you find mold on any of your personal belongings or furniture, you can cover them with plastic in order to prevent it from spreading. The best thing to do if you find mold on something is to completely cover it in plastic. Make sure that the plastic is completely secured so that no part is exposed to the air. If there are any openings, mold will quickly spread outside of them. The next thing to do after your belongings are secured is to call a mold remediation company such as, Water Damage Zone to inspect your property for any other mold damage. Any objects will need to be treated for mold or thrown away to prevent further contamination in your home.

3/4 Of The Way through kitchen remediation

Call Water Damage Zone today (877) 520-1923  your future bills may be a lot smaller, if you follow these simple tips. You can also visit our sister company for further information on restoration services at Best American Builders.

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