Fixing Water Damage

Water damage in a home can be a tough and stressful event to deal with.  It can come from many different points; burst pipes, rain, poor sealing.  When your home becomes flooded, it is necessary to act fast in order to minimize the impact that these events have on your home.

Find The Leak

When your home is flooded, the first thing you need to do is turn off the flow of water.  If it is a pipe that burst, then find the corresponding nozzle and shut off the water flow.  If the water is entering from a leak or hole, then this needs to be found as soon as possible and covered.  In many cases, cracks can be sealed with a rubber aerosol sealant, but this is a short-term solution that will need to be addressed and repaired.

If you find that the water is in an area of the home such as the basement or kitchen, you will want to insure that the water is not in danger of becoming electrified.  This is incredibly dangerous as water is an excellent conductor of electricity.  Find your breakers, and turn off power to the areas of the house affected.


Once this is completed, then you can begin the process of cleanup.  Start assembling the proper products needed.  You will want to have rubber gloves, boots, proper cleaning agents, garbage bags, bleach, several buckets, a dehumidifier and a shop vac that can tackle water.

It is very important to dress accordingly.  In some cases, water can become contaminated through exposure to sewer lines.  This water is called blackwater.  In the event of blackwater, it would be beneficial for you to have the rubber gloves and boots, but also a plastic suit that can be purchased at any hardware store.  Protect yourself at all costs.

When properly attired, then you can begin the cleanup process.  Use the shop vac to begin the removal of water.  Depending on the source of the flooding, the vacuum can be emptied in a toilet or sink.  However, if the flood is due to backed up sewer lines, then it is necessary to clear these lines first.  This will require the assistance of a company that can properly view and clear the pipes.  As you use the shop vac, run the dehumidifier to pull the excess moisture out of the air.  Again, the catch of the dehumidifier can be emptied in a toilet or sink.

Use Bleach

When the water is removed, you will want to begin the next step in cleanup.  Use bleach and your cleaning agents.  Be careful not to mix bleach and ammonia as these can create toxic fumes.  Make sure that you are thorough with your efforts.  If there are materials such as carpets, drywall or other items affected by the water, it may be necessary to throw these items away.  This would be necessary to limit the impact of mold after cleanup.

Once everything has been properly and thoroughly cleaned, make sure that all items used in cleanup are properly disposed of.  It maybe necessary to continue to run the dehumidifier, but once you no longer have water in the catch, then the area should be clear.

In the period of time after cleanup, make sure that you continue to monitor the area for a continued leak.  Also, you want to keep watch for mold.  If you see either of these, then it maybe beneficial to call a certified renovation and mold removal service for further assistance.


Call Water Damage Zone today (877) 520-1923  your future bills may be a lot smaller, if you follow these simple tips. You can also visit our sister company for further information on restoration services at Best American Builders.

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