Makeup that can Harbor Mold

If you already know about what a mold is, you must be thinking that the only place where a mold can grow is a damp area, which is fairly true but this case is not just limited to walls or damp floors. The problem with molds is that whatever damp place it can find, it will start growing and this can be extremely dangerous most of the times.

You must be shocked to know that makeup items have the tendency to grow molds, this is not just dangerous rather it is more of a deadly place for the growth of toxins. Makeup items are directly in contact with our skin and this makes the passage of the mold into our skin and internal body organs even more easy and convenient. If you are one of those people who use make up items on a regular basis, then you might want to check your equipment for signs of mold. Few of the makeup or the items that come into contact with our skin are as follows.

Lip Balm and Lip Sticks

Make up products that we put on our skin or the lips are usually designed to have moisture in them. This makes it easier to apply on the skin, at one side it is convenient for us but on the other side there is a possibility of the growth of mold as well. These products are a direct medium for entering our organs and one should be very careful in buying these products and later keeping an eye on them before putting them on.

Facial Hair

Most of the time we are in a hurry or we are not even in the habit of cleaning after ourselves after we take a shower, which by itself is a huge danger. On top of that, if we leave behind our facial hair in the shower, it would add up to the risk of growing a mold inside the shower.

The steam and moisture tagged along with any remains of bacteria in the hair can make things ugly. We are in direct contact with a mold if it grows in the shower and one should be very careful against this problem.

Another problem that we normally ignore is using a disposable Razor several times or even sharing the same razor with someone else. Razor has the tendency of growing a mold 80 times more than any other makeup product. It is very vital to discharge the razor after one have used it and make sure that the razor is not used by someone else


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