Black Mold in Your Pool!


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Did you know that black mold can also begin to grow in your pool if it isn’t cleaned properly? Keeping a pool in pristine condition is important in ensuring that mold doesn’t begin to grow. Remember that anything with mold on it that goes inside of the pool can be a cause for mold to start growing. This means pool toys, vents, filters, and other accessories. Make sure that you are aware of everything that is inside of the pool. The following steps will help you to curb and control a black mold problem in your pool.

1. Assess the Damage

Check all areas of the pool and its systems completely to make sure that you are aware of everything that has mold growing on it. Remove all accessories from the pool so that they can be cleaned and sanitized separately. Black mold spreads quickly so it should be easy to identify the source and begin to remove it from the pool by using the proper cleaning agents.

2. Sanitize Filters

Any filters in the pool will need to be cleaned because of mold spores’ ability to begin growing on the inside. If the filters are not cleaned properly or replaced, black mold will easily return to your pool after you clean it. All mold spores must be completely removed in order for the problem to be eradicated.

3. Eliminate Mold

Once the pool pump is disabled you can begin to scrub the mold off of the sides of your pool with a brush. Clean away particles before using algaecide in order to prevent it from growing back. By allowing the algaecide to sit for 24 hours and scrubbing the spots again you will ensure that all mold is completely removed. You can finish the process by using a HEPA vacuum to completely remove any invisible mold spores.

4. Remove Stains

Even after you remove mold from the pool, you will most likely be left with stains. In order to clean these stains, you can use a trick involving a chlorine tablet, an old sock, and a few rocks. Place all of these objects into the sock and then place it on top of the spots where there are stains. Leave it for as long as necessary until you are able to scrub away the stains. Note that this process only works to remove stains and will not kill the mold spores without following the prior steps.

5. Test Your Pool

Turn your pool back on again and test the water to make sure that the pH level is appropriate and that the chlorine is at the proper amount. Maintaining this balance properly is essential to ensuring that mold will not return to your pool.


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