Mold in New Homes

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You may not want to believe it, but it is possible for mold to grow in new homes. Once the mold takes hold it is often costly and time-consuming to remove. Also, having recently constructed a home it’s something that new homeowners wouldn’t expect to happen to them. All mold requires is that the spores come into contact with moisture so that they can begin to grow.

Sealing Joints and Wall Cavities

To make sure that mold doesn’t penetrate your walls or home in any way, it is of the utmost importance that you seal all wall joints or penetrations that could allow moisture through. It is important that you take special care to seal all of these areas in the basement or attic, as these areas are more likely to grow mold in them.

Well Ventilating Every Room

Allowing airflow to travel from room to room throughout the house is important so that mold spores aren’t allowed to settle in stagnant rooms. Once settled, they begin to take hold, feeding on organic matter, including your walls and furniture. Make sure that you air out your home at least once a day by opening a window in every room and turning fans on around the home.

The damp is attacking the wall at a window


By controlling condensation in the home you can avoid the buildup of moisture that causes mold to grow. High-performance windows help resist condensation as well that could lead to the growth of mold in your home. Purchase a dehumidifier for rooms where you constantly have condensation forming around windows or other surfaces.

Preventing Mold in a New Home

Preventing mold in a new home requires that the home be properly constructed as well as ventilated. If you are having problems with humidity or moisture in your new home it is important to call a water damage company before the condition worsens. Water Damage Zone is committed to making the necessary repairs to ensure that your home stays mold free.


Call Water Damage Zone today (877) 520-1923  your future bills may be a lot smaller, if you follow these simple tips. You can also visit our sister company for further information on restoration services at Best American Builders.

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