Cleaning and Preventing Mold on Children’s Bath Toys

Most kids play with toys in the bathtub. These toys end up in all sorts of places, especially in their mouths. The problem here is that a lot of bath toys begin to develop mold after only a few uses if they aren’t clean. One of the most notorious of these toys is the rubber ducky. The hole allows for water to go inside and sit in the toy. As the water sits inside, mold is allowed to begin growing. Here are a few tips for keeping your children’s bath toys clean.

Seal Any Holes

If there are any holes where water can enter the toys, you can count on the fact that they will begin to develop mold. The best way to deal with this problem is to somehow seal the hole so that water can no longer enter and exit the toy. The best way to do this is with a little hot glue right on top of the hole.

Bleach Them

Just fill a bucket with bleach and water mixed together and then place the toys into the bucket. After they have soaked for several hours you can take them out and rinse them with water. Then sit them somewhere warm and allow to air dry. They should be clean and mold free now.

Boil Them

If your toys have holes in them that may have allowed some mold inside the best thing to do is boil them. By boiling them in hot water you will kill any mold that is present. When they begin to cool off you can squeeze out any mold that may have been lurking inside.

Use the Dishwasher

Putting bath toys in the dishwasher will do the same thing as the above tips. It will sanitize the toys and help you remove any mold that could be growing inside of the toy.

By following these tips, you will prevent your children from coming into contact with dangerous mold. If you notice a toy that is particularly hard to clean or if it has lots of mold growing in it, you should just toss it. It’s better to protect your children from mold then save a few dollars on some bath toys.


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