Removing Smoke Smell from your Home

If an apartment or home has either had a fire or an occupant who smoked indoors, the smell of the smoke can linger in the area for years after.  In order to remove the smells, it is important to understand what smoke is and how it can linger in your home.Smoke in the most basic form is an abundance of particles in the air from the burning of a substance in the area.  Whether it is from burning incense or a fire that gutting the building, the smoke created it from the chemical reaction that occurs when the fire moves through the materials being burned.  As such, it is very similar to an odorous dust that can accumulate from the quality of the fire or duration of exposure.  This smoke can get into your clothes, various fabrics of the house, carpets etc.  They are very difficult to wash out, and this is why even after doing laundry, the smell can linger in your clothes.

So, how do you get rid of the smell?  First off, when smoke is present, you need to create positive pressure to get it out as soon as possible.  This means that instead of opening a window and placing a fan pointing out, you need to think in the opposite.  Creating positive pressure would be closing all the windows in the home, opening a door with a large fan pointing inside towards the smoke.  On the other end of the room, open a window.  As fresh air is moved into the room, it accumulates creating positive pressure and pushing the smoke through the open window.  As you finish in a room, be sure to close a door in order to prevent smoke from undoing your work.Once the rooms have been properly aired out, then it is time to remove blinds and drapes for a thorough cleaning.  Try to place outside for drying to give a better chance for smoke to dissipate.

You will want to make sure that all surfaces are cleaned.  Use a solution of one gallon water, a tsp of dish soap and a half cup of white vinegar.  Use a clean rag, and make sure to rinse the rag regularly.  Be sure to wipe down all surfaces with this solution for best results.  Wash all window screens with this solution.When cleaning carpets, you will want to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter that will prevent the smoke particles from blowing right back into the room.  Remove as much of the debris as possible.  Be complete and detailed in your vacuuming.  There are no prizes for going too fast.  Take your time, and make sure you do a good job.

Make sure that light fixtures, cabinets are cleaned with the solution, but also be sure to repeatedly mop non-carpeted areas of the floor.The thing to remember is that you will not get this done in one cleaning, particularly as it takes time for the smoke debris to settle.  Several cleanings will be needed until the smell is completely out of the home.Is the smoke bad for you?  Exposure to this is never good.  Like secondhand smoke, lingering smoke particles can increase risk of cardiovascular issues, but also contribute to breathing and respiratory complications, particularly among the elderly and young.  It is always a good thing to do your best and have the particles removed thoroughly and cleanly.

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