Preventing Summer Mold While Away From Home


shingling house roof

During the summer, some of us are lucky enough to take extended trips and get out of town for a couple of weeks.  While this gives us time to recharge and create new memories, there is the presence of mold in your home that continues to be an issue that needs to be monitored and controlled.

While your home may sit vacant, the mold present in the home will continue to grow as long as conditions are present that facilitate the growth.  Take steps prior to your leaving to ensure that mold doesn’t get an adequate foothold in the home while you are away.

The first thing to consider when preventing summer mold is that mold growth in these months is dependent on the relative humidity indoors.  Remember that mold grows by having enough moisture present to feed the spore growth.  The key is to remove the moisture present to deprive the mold of an essential building block.

Use of a programmable thermostat is critical to the success of the mold prevention.  You want to run your air conditioner at roughly 72 degrees for several hours in the morning before sunrise.  The remainder of the time, the thermostat should be set for 88 degrees in order to remove any moisture in the air, creating a dry heat in the home.  This takes moisture from the air during periods of the day when the relative humidity is at its highest, but this also gets other appliances, such as the AC unit to run more effectively.

Another set of appliances to consider is a portable dehumidifier.  These units help to take the moisture out of the air, but you need to exercise extreme caution when using these systems.  If you are going to be out of your home for extended periods, it would be wise to hire someone to empty the moisture catches in the dehumidifier as these run the risk of filling too quickly due to the amount of water in the catches.  You do not want the dehumidifier to overflow from not being emptied.  This exchanges one issue for another.  If you can’t have someone empty the catch for you, try to have the drain tube of the dehumidifier empty into a nearby drain.

During the summer months, it is always good to get out of town for extended periods.  It is a great way to create long-lasting memories with your family.  Protect your home with some simple prep, and you will come home to a clean home from your time away.


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