Mold in the Basement

Flooding waters

One of the most common rooms in a home to see the growth of mold is the basement. Because basements are prone to have a buildup of moisture, it is very common for mold to begin growing in this area of the home. Because basements have very little ventilation, usually don’t receive sunlight, and are often more humid than the remainder of the home, this moisture can linger for quite some time and increase the chance that mold will appear as well.

Also, mold in the basement may go unnoticed for quite some time because people don’t typically spend a lot of time in their basements. This means that mold can easily grow into the drywall, wood and insulation that makes up the basement as well.


Flooded Basement

One of the most common reasons that mold appears in a basement is due to flooding that can occur in the basement. When a house becomes flooded, all the water will run to the basement where it will remain for quite some time. Flood water will take a substantial amount of time to remove from the basement and it will linger long after the rest of the home has been dried.

When water lingers, toxic black mold can begin growing after the flood. Since this type of mold requires extremely wet conditions for several days in order to begin growing, it is crucial that flood waters are cleaned up as soon as possible.


Mold Prevention

One of the best ways that you can prevent mold from growing after a flood is to call a water damage specialist to help you with the cleanup process. They will be able to use their expertise to help clean up the flood damage quickly and efficiently. However, it is also possible for you to clean up the flood water as well with the right tools.

If you do find mold in your basement, it is important that you have it removed as soon as possible so that you can protect the health of the people living in your home. Mold can grow just about anywhere in the basement and it can be difficult to find every location where it may be hiding.



Replace What’s Damaged

Many of the areas that are growing mold will require replacing in order to rid the home of the mold issue. This may mean that you will need to replace carpet, drywall, air ducts and anywhere else that mold may be present.

It is much easier to prevent mold from appearing and spreading rather than trying to remove it once it is already there. If you have moisture in your basement, it is best to find the source of it and remove the water as quickly as possible. The longer that water is able to rest in your basement, the more likely that mold will begin growing.



While it is possible to cleanup a mold issue yourself, most people prefer to allow a professional to complete this difficult task for them. There are quite a few tools and supplies that will need to be purchased and the costs of these items may make it more cost effective to hire a professional instead.

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