Health Issues With Mold

Mold is something that people live with on a daily basis.  It can be found in many different environments, and it is very pervasive.  The effects on mold can be different for many people as it can be a minor irritance to something more serious.  It is important to know your molds to see if there needs to be a rapid response and cleanup.

Dramatic fungal landscape on a rotting lemon. Penicillium species.

The first question to ask is, “What is mold?”  They are fungi, and there can be up to half a million different varieties.  They grow in warm, damp and humid conditions.  Molds can also grow where there is detrious materials that can feed mold growth.  Mold reproduction is done through creation of spores which can be carried on the wind or circulated air in a house.  Molds can be very hardy as they can survive dry periods and then grow once the conditions are optimal.

Some of the most common molds are Cladosporium, which is olive green, brown or black in color.  There is also Penicillium which can be used as an antibiotic, but also in the creation of cheeses.  Alternaria is a third kind of fungi which tends to be represented through allergies such as hayfever. Finally, Aspergillus is a mold that can contaminate starchy foods such as breads and potatoes.  While these are four examples, there are thousands of possible molds that can be present in your home.

We live with mold on a daily basis.  However, sometimes people can develop allergic reactions to their presence.  For sensitive people, symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing and forms of skin irritation can occur.  These can be simple, and they can be dealt with using antihistamines.  Sometimes there is a more serious reaction that can occur.  These severe reactions can be seen in hay fever and shortness of breath.  In extreme cases, mold infections can occur in the lungs.

This potential for serious infection presents the potential of indoor molds for being responsible for respiratory tract symptoms, cough, wheezing, but also asthma in sensitive people.  Sometimes molds can create pneumonia in people with extreme sensitivity.  The risks in children and the elderly can be very susceptible to these effects.

Mold is something that we live with on a daily basis, and it affects each of us differently.  If you find that you have a potential mold issue in your home, you would be well served to contact a certified mold repudiation service for a home assessment.  If mold issues are addressed, then you can begin to enjoy your home.

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