Water Damage and its drying equipment

Water Damage and its drying equipment  

Water Damage Equipment

Water Damage Equipment

Water Damage companies like Water Damage Zone & Restoration Inc using high quality drying equipment from the best water damage manufactures such as Mytee, Phoenix’s, dryez, Flir and more.  Water Damage companies uses dry out equipment in every water damage job in order to start mitigation process right away and avoid secondary damage.The first step to start water damage is to detect the wet area and the source of the water damage. Water damage companies will use Infra-Red Camera to detect the wet area and according to its report, we will know where are the affected wet areas and the water damage dry out process can began.

Before water damage technician will be able to use dry out equipment, Water damage zone technicians will start to extract the water and to remove all affected building material.

Water Damage zone will use dehumidifiers to control moisture. In case that the water damage is consider as category 1 or category 2, we will add air movers in order to enhance air flow and seek equilibrium faster. In cases where water damage category 3 is in place such sewage damage and toilet over flow, air movers will not be use but air scrubber will be added.

Do you need a professional water damage company to handle your mitigation? CALL US NOW (877) 520-1923

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