Carpets Harbor Mold

Water Damage

If you’ve read any of our other blogs you know how vile mold can be and how difficult it is to remove completely from your home. Mold is usually found on the backing of carpets where people don’t see it until it has become too big of a problem to handle on their own. Moisture in your carpet is only part of the problem. This article will help you understand the other ways in which carpets provide a safe haven for mold.

How Does Mold Grow in Carpeting

Studies have been down that give us a better picture of how mold actually develops inside of carpets in our homes. What these studies found is that the amount of moisture doesn’t have as big of an impact on mold growth in carpets. The thing that really creates big problems with mold is dirt becoming trapped inside of the carpet. The dirtier the carpets are, the more likely they are to begin growing and spreading mold around your home.

Clean Carpets

Keeping your carpeting clean will help you greatly in reducing the chances of mold developing in your home. Even carpeting that is exposed to humidity will not develop mold as long as it is clean. This means that you must keep your carpets clean all the time so that mold isn’t allowed to begin to grow. Dirt will attract moisture and soak it up, thus allowing any mold spores the nutrients they need to begin to grow.

Preventing Carpet Mold

It’s a good idea to research the ways in which you can prevent mold from growing in your carpets. One of the easiest ways is to not put carpet in areas with a lot of foot traffic because these areas will develop the most dirt and moisture. These two factors are all a carpet needs in order to become a center for mold growth in your own home. Make sure that you keep the humidity down low in your home, that way moisture won’t build up as much in the dirt that is in your carpets. Finally, the best way to prevent mold growth in your carpet is to vacuum it consistently at least twice a week so that dirt doesn’t have the chance to build up in your home.

Don’t wait for mold to become a problem, but if it does always be aware of home restoration companies like Water Damage Zone, who are certified in mold remediation and can help prevent your home from becoming a breeding ground for mold.


Call Water Damage Zone today (877) 520.1923– your future bills may be a lot smaller, if you follow these simple tips. You can also visit our sister company for further information on restoration services at Best American Builders.

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