5 Signs Your House Has Mold!!



It may be hard to see the mold in your home. Even if your house has mold, you may not be able to actually see where it is growing. There are some signs though that will make it easier to determine whether or not you have a mold problem. Check for the following symptoms in your home in order to decide whether you need to have a mold inspection done.

1. Water Stains

One major sign that you have mold in your home is the occurrence of water stains on ceilings, walls, and floors. If you see water stains then it is likely that water is collecting and sitting in your home. This allows mold spores to begin to grow and spread.

2. Rust

Rust on metal in the home, especially in basements indicates that there is a moisture problem. When the moisture levels rise to the point where rust is occurring, there is a likelihood that mold is also forming. If you see rust you should also check for some of the other signs of mold.

3. Standing Water

A major indicator of mold is standing water. Never, ever leave standing water in or around your home. This breeds all sorts of bacteria and viruses as well as mold spores. They use the water as a breeding ground to collect in and spread from.

4. Condensation

If you see condensation collecting on surfaces in your home, it is possible that mold could be feeding off of it and growing beyond eyesight. Condensation is one of the major leading factors in the beginning of mold growth. Beware of any condensation and where it is coming from. By eliminating the source you can potentially prevent a severe mold problem.

5. Humidity

Purchase a hygrometer for your home; this will help you to determine the levels of humidity in each room. By figuring this out you can determine where trouble areas may be and purchase devices like dehumidifiers to correct the humidity level in certain areas of the home. This is important in keeping the environment from becoming a breeding ground for mold.


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