The Effect of Mold Spores on Pregnant Women

Woman in shower.

Most of us know that black mold is extremely toxic and can make people sick easily. However, do you know the effect that being in the presence of black mold has on pregnant women? Many newly pregnant couples worry about issues like this because they know that the environment of the pregnant mother has an effect on the health of the child in her womb.

No Conclusive Evidence

There is no serious evidence to this day that women who are exposed to mold will lose their child. One reason that there may not be any evidence however is because of the fact that it’s difficult to perform clinical trials on pregnant women. These means that it would be hard and highly irresponsible to test the effects of black mold on pregnant women.

What is Believed?

It is believed that black mold can harm the pregnant mother and in doing so it would also harm the unborn baby. This is based soundly on the fact that black mold is already known to create an array of health problems in those who are exposed to it. In one test that was performed on mice, it was found that the pregnant mice had a decreased litter size when exposed to mold. This points to the possibility of mold being a factor in damaging the health of unborn babies.

Asthma in Unborn Babies

Many doctors now believe that asthma can form along with other allergies in the womb. They believe that asthma is linked to the environment and not genetic factors. What this means is that black mold in the environment of an unborn baby could possibly cause problems in the respiratory system of that child.

Stay Away from Mold

It is safe to say that with all of this information, it’s not worth the risk to be around mold if you’re pregnant. If you believe that your home or work environment is contaminated with mold and you’re concerned, make sure to let a coworker or family member know. Then you can decide on a plan of action to let a company such as Water Damage Zone, Inc. know so that we can begin the process of mold removal for you.


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