Landlord’s Responsibility Regarding Mold


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The good news is that when it comes to protecting residents against mold, California is one of the top states. The Toxic Mold Protection Act sets up the requirements that the landlord must abide by if one of their apartments is found contaminated with mold. The tenant is not usually at fault for a mold condition in an apartment as long as the landlord was aware of its presence.

Landlord Responsibility

Landlords are responsible to disclose all information about mold in their apartments to the residents. If there are people looking to live in the apartment, this information must be given as well. If there is mold in the apartment the landlord is also responsible for making an effort to remove the mold and prevent it from reoccurring. This means making any necessary repairs to the apartment.

Knowledge of Mold

Landlords must maintain their property and an awareness of any mold condition. If they don’t provide notice they are still liable for the removal of the mold. This can be maintained as long as it’s reasonable that the landlord knows that the mold problem exists. The landlord should be performing maintenance on the property regularly anyway, so it is reasonable to assume that they would be alerted to any developing mold condition.

Leak causing mold on ceiling in garage_edited

In Reasonable Time

All of these repairs must be made in a reasonable time frame. This means that the mold must be removed as soon as possible. The amount of time to eliminate the condition may vary but the landlord is required to treat the situation immediately. The landlord cannot wait to have the mold removed as the condition will worsen over time. Typically, it only takes a few days.


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