Breast Implants Turned Deadly

Breast implants are commonly performed as a plastic surgery procedure where a woman enlarges her breasts by having silicone or saline filled implants placed inside her body. While inside of the body, the implant begins to grow mold on it and thus remains undetected by the affected person. The mold continues to grow and cause health complications in the person as it spreads.

Symptoms of Moldy Breast Implants

If you have implants and begin experiencing any of the following symptoms you should see a medical doctor right away:

Weight Gain
Loss of Vision
Short-Term Memory Loss
Burning Sensation
Chronic Pain
Change in Breast Size
Loss of Voice
Removing Breast Implants Could Save Your Life

If you’re a woman who is suffering from moldy breast implants, you can solve the problem by having them removed and beginning a detox for your body from the mold. Go to a surgeon who can correctly identify if there is mold on the breast implants and remove them. After that you need to see a nutritionist or certified homeopathic medicine practitioner who can set you up with a detox to cleanse your body from any mold exposure.

Detoxification from Mold

If you have had mold growing inside of your body it will be important to listen to your doctor’s advice about cleansing all of the bio-toxins out of your system. Most likely they will apply medication to the area as well as give you some to take home with you. Make sure that you follow the directions on the medication. In addition to this, following a homeopathic detox program will ensure that all traces of the bio-toxins are flushed out from your body. The detox will also allow your immune system to rebuild itself again so it can continue protecting your body from harmful toxins.