Mold from Your Gym Could Be Making You Sick

With summer approaching many of us are hitting the gym even more in order to prepare our bodies for the beach. However, what many don’t think about is the danger of mold at the site of their gym. Mold can cause many health problems and you may be completely unaware that it is affecting you.

Mold in the Shower

Gym showers are a hotbed for bacteria and fungi to spread. Always wear flip flops when you are in the gym showers or by the pool area. You can catch plantar warts and fungi by failing to properly protect your feet. Besides this there can be mold growing in the dark corners of the showers. Since the showers are constantly being used, this allows for the humidity to stay at high levels. Mold will begin to grow under these conditions and can cause you to have sinus congestion, asthma, eye irritation, skin rash, cough, headache, or throat irritation.


Filthy Air Ducts and Vents

When air ducts and vents in gyms go uncleaned for long periods of time they become sources for indoor and outdoor pollution. They can continuously circulate mold spores that people will inhale throughout the gym. These vents are also responsible for respiratory viruses and other problems in people with weak immune systems. Don’t work out directly in front of a vent and talk to your gym manager to make sure that the vents are being cleaned properly.

Does Your Gym Have Carpeting?

Some gyms actually have carpeting on their floors. Besides the materials of the carpeting usually being of poor quality, they also house mold spores. When your sweat, hair, or grooming products fall into the carpeting they provide the perfect organic material for mold to feed on. Any mold spores will cling to this material and begin to grow in the porous material of the carpet. Mold in carpet is just as dangerous as mold in the shower and causes the same types of health problems.

Picking a Mold-Free Gym

When you’re looking to join a gym, finding one that’s mold-free doesn’t have to be hard. There are plenty of gyms that have high cleaning standards and live to please their clients. Talk with the gym managers before joining and ask them questions about how they prevent mold from growing in their gym. Also, be sure to ask for a tour where you can look at the shower room and other areas where mold usually grows. If you find mold anywhere, it’s best to say that it’s not the right gym for you.


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