Saving Moldy Food


Mold on food is a sign that it’s past its prime. You may wonder if it’s okay to eat moldy food in your fridge if you cut the mold out. It’s okay to do this with some foods but not with others. The reason behind this is that certain items will grow toxic mold that can be harmful to your body. Generally harder foods will be okay to eat if the mold is cut out of them. This is because their density makes it harder for the mold to spread through the food. Things that are considered hard foods are carrots, pears, and stiff cheeses.

Foods that are OK

Hard fruit and vegetables such as apples, carrots, pears are all okay to eat if they have mold. You just need to cut the mold away from the food before you eat it so that it doesn’t get ingested. Softer foods will be harder to diagnose if they’ve started growing mold. Hard cheeses can still be eaten, just cut about half an inch outside of the mold and put it in another container. Salami and dry cured ham are still edible if they contain mold but you should scrub it off.

Moldy loaf of bread

If You Find Mold

Remember that just because you’ve found food with mold and thrown it away, it doesn’t mean the mold is out of your home. You need to rinse the refrigerator out with soap and water where you found the moldy food. Also, you will need to clean or throw out the container that the moldy food was in and replace it. Even if you can’t see mold, you could still be missing the mold spores, which are naked to the human eye.

Don’t Eat

If you ever find mold on any of the following items, just throw them in the garbage. The following things can be toxic if you find mold on them: brie, sliced cheese, hot dogs, bacon, cooked meat, lunch meat, casseroles, leftovers, pasta, bread, soft fruits and vegetables, yogurt, sour cream, jelly, and nuts. If you don’t see mold on food but it has a musty taste, this is a sign that there is mold contaminating it. Treat it the same as if it had visible mold and throw it away.

What are some of your experiences with battling the growth of mold on food? Let us know in the comments.

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