Michaels Recalls 2 Products Due to Mold

The well-known arts & crafts store, Michaels, has recently recalled two products due to the possibility that they may contain mold. Both of these products were exclusively sold for the 2015 holiday season and the company is now offering a full refund for their return. By sharing this information and refunding customers, companies like Michaels help prevent consumers from being harmed.

Ashland® Holiday Paper Boxes

The first product that Michaels has recalled for the 2015 season is Ashland® holiday paper boxes. These boxes were found to possibly contain mold that causes respiratory infections. This mold was found to be especially harmful to consumers who already have severe allergies, weakened lungs, or an otherwise compromised immune system. If you or someone you know owns any of these boxes immediately stop using them and return them to Michaels for a full refund.

Ashland® Artificial Poinsettia Flower

The second product being recalled by Michaels from the 2015 holiday season is the Ashland® artificial poinsettia flower. Some of these flowers were found to be harboring mold spores. They have green stems and red leaves with gold accents on them. If you or anyone you know has this product, stop using it immediately and return it for a full refund.

Mold Spores

Mold spores have the ability to travel easily and affect the health of anyone in their vicinity. If you see mold on any product that you have bought from a store, you should report it. By reporting products that contain mold it helps alert other consumers to potential health dangers. Also, this ensures that companies do something to prevent the spread of mold, which eventually will damage homes and the inhabitants’ health.



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