How Dangerous is Inhaling Mold Spores?




Mold is found in many different areas all over the planet. One thing that is true of all mold is that it needs moisture and organic food in order to grow. While these fungi are feeding on the surface of what they are growing on, they release toxic spores into the air around them. When humans or other animals inhale or come into contact with these spores, they cause various symptoms and health complications.

Woman in shower.

Skin Reactions

Inhaling or making contact with mold spores is also known to give people skin rashes or dermatitis. Besides rashes that are irritating to the skin, you may also have burning eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Mold can even cause Athlete’s foot or yeast infection. If you notice any of these symptoms getting worse, it is a sign that you are continually being exposed to the mold spores and need to temporarily relocate until the problem is remediated.


When you breathe in mold it can cause allergies to flare up as well as asthma. Beware if you notice sneezing, nausea, coughing, watery and itchy eyes, trouble breathing or headaches. If you have one or more of these symptoms it is a warning sign that there could be mold in your home or workplace. If you normally have allergies but they are worsened, this is a sign that you have mold. Mold will exacerbate any allergies and asthma that you would normally have.

water_damageImmune System Disorders

Normally the human body is able to fight off foreign germs and other particles easily. However, when you are continually exposed to mold your immune system will get weaker over time. If your body is overwhelmed with mold spores, you will most likely experience a respiratory infection. Once your immune system has been compromised it will be even harder to fight off any additional bacteria in your environment.

Organ Damage

In more dangerous types of mold there will be mycotoxins present. These typically grow in environments with dead plant materials and other organic waste. They are also known to grow indoors in water damaged buildings that have leaky pipes or lots of humidity. Researchers are still investigating the health impact that mold exposure has. It is acknowledged to have a role in cancer, liver and nervous system damage.


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