How to Fix Moldy Caulk


The bathroom is easily one of the most humid rooms in the home, with steam lingering long after hot showers. The accumulation of moisture is one of the easiest ways for mold to start growing and one of the first places it likes to grow is caulking. Eliminating mold at first sight is the best way to prevent it from spreading and damaging your home. We will go over how to properly clean mold and also how to replace caulking in more serious cases.

Properly Cleaning Mold Off Caulk

1. Find a bathroom cleaner that is effective against mold and pour some in a bucket with hot water.

2. Using a soft cloth, rub the mold off of the caulk with this solution.

3. Clean the caulk with fresh water from the sink.

4. Pour or spray undiluted bleach onto the caulk and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. This will allow it to remove any extra mold spores and also help by lightening the caulk itself.

5. Brush the caulking with a soft bristled brush by making circular motions.

6. Rinse the caulk again with fresh water.

Mold in fiberglass shower

Replacing Damaged or Old Caulking

Over time caulk will take damage from mold and it will age. Eventually, the caulking will need to be replaced and if you’re facing a situation with a lot of mold its absolutely necessary. In order to get rid of large mold infestations in shower areas, it needs to be removed at the root. By replacing the caulking you will ensure that mold doesn’t return to your shower after it has been cleaned.

1. Use a utility knife to cut the top edge of the caulk and then cut the bottom edge. After this you should be able to pull the caulking off.

2. Cut any remaining caulk out.

3. Clean where the caulk was removed with isopropyl alcohol. This helps get rid of remaining caulk and any mold spores still in the area.

4. Make sure that the area is allowed to dry completely.

5. Read and carefully follow the caulk instructions on your specific product to prepare it for application.

6. Apply a small line of caulk to any area it was cut from.

7. Wet your index finger and push the caulking into the cracks.

8. Wait the amount of time that is stated on the packaging for the caulk to dry before using the area again.

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