How Heaters can cause Mold In Winter

Winter is a time where it is cold and dry outside for most people. What many don’t realize is that heaters inside of homes provide the optimal conditions for mold growth during the winter season. Mold needs a source of water and a source of food, organic materials, in order to live. Mold likes to grow on any surface where water may sit for a long period of time. Homes get mold because of leaks, floods, clogged pipes, bad air circulation, and high humidity.

Prevention of Mold

Heaters in the home can be managed so that they don’t create situations where mold gets out of control. Making sure that these systems are operating correctly ensures that these scenarios don’t occur in your home. If you see water accumulating on your walls, then you should look into getting a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier will ensure that your home stays dry in areas where mold loves to grow.

Clear blue sky

Ensuring Proper Air Circulation

By opening up windows during the day and turning fans on around the house, you can make sure that all of the home receives fresh air. This will prevent mold spores from building up in certain locations and beginning to grow. Make sure that the air is dry though, rainy weather can add moisture to the air that will make it more humid.

Keep Track of Your Home’s Humidity

You can easily keep track of the humidity inside of your home by buying a moisture meter at a local hardware store. The EPA recommends that you keep the humidity in your home between 30% and 60%. You will be able to determine the likeliness of mold growth in a room by measuring the humidity. If it is above 60%, the chances of mold growing go up significantly. Also look for the accumulation of moisture in areas that have pipes or windows.



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