Health Risks Associated with Sewage Exposure

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Standing water and or Sewage Exposure is a huge health hazard. Water starts off by accumulating in areas such as construction sites or in potholes in neglected roadway pavement. This water attracts things such as fungi, viruses and parasites. Then the water travels into sewers and remains stagnant for long periods of time. This is how something begins completely clean until collecting in places such as sewers where viruses, bacteria and parasites start to grow. Eventually, if allowed to sit too long, these contaminants will produce health problems in the people exposed to the sewage site.


Health Problems

Sewage contains many hazards, ranging from a variety of gases including methane and hydrogen sulfide, both highly poisonous to human beings. These gases are a result of chemical reactions that take place within the sewage. If inhaled they begin to cause many health complications ranging from heart disease to muscular disorders.

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The major diseases caused from exposure to sewage are malaria, hookworm infection, gastroenteritis, trachoma, diarrhea and hepatitis. However, by taking small steps, these deadly diseases can be avoided. The following are four precautionary measures to take against sewage exposure:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly, before and after using the washroom.
2. Wash your hands before and after eating.
3. Make sure that there is no stagnant water in places that you spend a lot of time.

4. Wear a protective mask while cleaning up garbage or around the home.
By following these four tips you can ensure that you and your family remain safe from diseases and harmful substances.




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