Fire Escape Planning


There is an old adage, “Practice make perfect”.  In the event of a fire, this is more true than ever as developing a good plan and practicing it can make the difference of everyone getting out unharmed or having a major emergency.  Through proper planning and practice, you can make sure that your most cherished possessions, your family makes it out safe and sound.

In basic fire planning for the family, the first step is to develop a plan for escaping the home.  Walk through your home and look to where the exits are.  Drawing floor plans are helpful, especially for young children as it gives a reference for the layout of the home and where the emergency exits are.  Be sure to show the locations of windows and doors as these are your ways to get out of the home fast.   It is essential to the success of the plan that you routinely practice with your family the locations for when the need arises.Fire and Smoke Damage

Installing a warning system around the use of smoke alarms is key.  According to National Fire Alarm Code that when one alarm sounds, all alarms should sound.  No area in the home should be without a smoke alarm that is not a part of the system.  Also, be sure to install alarms that also test carbon monoxide emissions.  While not as dramatic as fire alarms high levels of carbon monoxide in the home can present serious health issues, even death.

In the event of an actual fire, the health of the family will be determined through how the plan was practiced.  Practicing is great, because it allows for the creation of innate memory of the exits and what to do in the emergency.  The worst thing that can happen and leads to most fire-related deaths is panic from the situation.  If the family is prepared, then they will not become a statistic.

If there are young children or older, informed adults, the family plan will need a responsible member of the family to locate and bring these individuals out of the fire.  There should also be a backup assigned too, just in case the primary responder is not available.Water Damage Los Angeles

In the moment of the fire, it is crucial that the members of the family not only know where to exit, but how to act in a fire.  Stay low to the floor.  Remember that smoke rises, and it is poisonous and can irritate your eyes.  Staying low to the floor allows you to move with less effect from the smoke.  Use your hand to judge the heat on doors.  If a door is hot to the touch, DO NOT OPEN IT.  Find another way around and out of the house.  The family should be aware of at least two exits from each room of the home.  If possible, wet a cloth and cover your mouth, as this will give extra protection from smoke, dust and other potentially harmful inhalants.   The most important position for the family is to remain calm.

When the family has escaped the fire, be sure to have a common meeting area that is at least 50 yds away from the house.  This will allow you to assess who exited the house, and who might still be inside once rescue and fire response teams arrive.  Make sure that every one in the family knows and is comfortable in calling 911 for help once they are out of the building.

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