Ways to Conserve Water

As more and more people inhabit the earth and climate changes result in more severe drought conditions in the future, it is essential that we learn how to conserve water resources.  There are many things that you can do to help prevent the waste of water, and many of these are easy.  Just the simple adjustments in the way we live.  If these are done, a person can save thousands of gallons of water over their lifetime.Water Remediation water damage zone

In the home, there are many ways that water can be conserved.  First, make sure you check for leaky faucets and pipes.  It might not seem like a drip will have a major impact, but a single drip can cause 20 gallons of water a day to be wasted.  In addition, all household faucets should be fitted with aerators which are cheap ways to conserve water through creating a non-splashing stream of water and air.

Your bathroom toilets can be significant sources of lost water.  For example, do not flush the toilet every time you place a Kleenex in the bowl.  There are five to seven gallons of water that is necessary to flush this item away.   That is a major waste for such a small item.  Also, be sure to check your toilets for leaks.  One of the best ways to do this is to put a dye in the toilet tank.  If the water in the bowl begins to change color, there is a leak that should be repaired immediately.  This can be done cheaply and easily.  Another way to save water in the toilet is to weight a soda bottle with sand or pebbles and place it in the toilet tank.  By placing this in the tank, the tank doesn’t require as much water to fill.  It can save over ten gallons of water a day, just make sure that the tank can still fill with three gallons of water necessary to flush.  If you don’t want to put one of these in your tank, consider remodeling your bathroom with low flush toilets that use half the water of a normal toilet.

In the shower, try taking shorter showers.  If you find that you take a certain amount of time, try to shower in three minutes or less.  This simple adjustment can save over 20 gallons of water.  If you need extra time, as you are applying shampoo and other cleaners, turn the water off until you are ready to rinse.   This can also save a lot of water.  In the shower, try installing water efficient shower heads that will reduce the amount of water used per minute by two and a half gallons.20150319_131523

In the bathroom sink, make sure that all pipes and faucets are not leaking.  When brushing your teeth, rinse the toothbrush and turn off.  Brush without the water running, and rinse when you spit in the basin.  When you have to shave, place some warm water in the basin, and turn the water off.  Use the basin to rinse your razor.  This will save gallons of water.

In the kitchen, only run your dishwasher when the appliance is full.  Do not operate if the dishwasher is only partly full.  The use of a dishwasher can waste gallons of water in the pre-rinse stage alone.  By only running full loads, it maximizes the effort of the appliance and the water used.  If you wash by hand, do not let the tap run while you are scrubbing your dishes.  This wastes a tremendous amount of water, and don’t let the water run while you rinse your food.

These are simple suggestions in what you can do to lessen the amount of water used inside your home.  Remember that water conservation can be practiced in your yard as well.  Only through a combined effort will we take a proactive step to being better stewards of the earth and conserving our precious resources.


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