Whats Hiding in Your Carpet?

Many of us grew up with memories of carpeting in our homes and offices, and while carpet feels great on bare feet, it can hide a lot of different things that you would never know are there.

Why is it important to clean the carpets regularly?  Carpet tends to be in areas of the building that are high-traffic areas.  As such, there is a lot of potential for various materials to get caught in the carpeting and remain.  There is a lot more in your carpet than just the spilled drinks and food that you think are the only things present.

The most obvious thing that can be found in carpet is dirt.  In many carpeted areas, they are high-traffic areas that near outside locations.  It is very easy for dirt on your shoes to find it’s way into the house and end up in the carpet.  It is estimated that the typical home accumulates over 30 pounds of dirt each year.  With the dirt can come very small bugs and pollens making your living area very unpleasant.

Next, the carpet also retains dust and pet dander.  If you have pets, chances are good that they shed regularly.  Dogs and cats produce hair and old hair is shed which ends up in carpets.  In addition, dust is a collection of yourself as your skin flakes accumulate in the carpet.

Bugs and mold can hide in your carpets as well.  Small bugs such as mites and fleas can live on the dust and debris collected in the carpet.  Through molting, mites can make the air quality in the home difficult to handle.  Also, mold can thrive in damp carpeting feeding off the dust particles and spreading sickness.

It is very important to vacuum and clean your carpets on a regular basis.  All the above can have negative effects on the presentation of the home and the ability to sell, but they can also have negative health effects as well.  Many of the issues that arise are related to breathing.  Copious amounts of dirt, dust and molds make it difficult to breathe properly in a home resulting in shortness of breath, wheezing, allergies.DSCF5072

The good news is that these issues can be easily managed.  Taking off shoes can prevent dirt from entering the home.  Using rugs that can be maintained and washed help to eliminate the debris from entering the carpet.  Vacuuming on a regular basis helps to mitigate the effects of many of these issues.  The more of the signs that you have, the more frequently you may want to vacuum.  For example, if you have multiple pets, you may want to think about vacuuming every other day.

The best way to keep the carpets clean is to shampoo and deep clean them.  It can be tedious to rent bulky equipment, so you can hire a company that is trained in carpet cleaning and will be guaranteed to do the best job, the first time.  These cleaning services not only clean the visible sections of carpet, but they get into the carpet to get whatever might be lurking in the very bottom.

You might think that your carpet looks great, but after years of use, you would be amazed at knowing what is present.  In order to improve your home, make sure that all carpets are cleaned on a regular basis so you can truly enjoy your home.


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