Cons to Delaying Mold Removal

If you find that you have mold present in your home, it is in your best interest to remove it as soon as possible.  There are many different reasons from the integrity of the home to the health risks.  It is a serious issue that demands a serious response from you.

There are multiple issues with allowing mold to remain in your home.  These range from wall discoloring to ceiling stains to increases in allergens present in the home.  By looking at several of the issues, you can judge for yourself the necessity of removing the mold.20141014_101853

First and foremost, the major issues with mold come from the adverse effects that it can have on your home.  Remember that in most cases, mold forms from unchecked or unknown moisture being present that feeds a mold colony.  Because of this it is imperative that before you make any restorations in your home that you identify the cause of the leaks and fix them immediately.  Only in this way will you prevent the mold from returning and ruining all the hard work and money that went into the repairs.  It is important to get it right the first time.

When you are ready to begin repairs, it is important that one of the biggest issues with mold is the combination that it has with moisture in the home.  Water can create a great deal of damage, so you will be repairing mold but also water damage.  Once cleanup is ready to begin, then it is necessary to begin removing items that were either contaminated by mold or soaked with water.  This is done to prevent future mold growth.

The issues that mold can create in homes include discoloration or stains on the walls, cracked/peeling paint, loosening drywall, ceiling stains and it can warp the wood in the home.  If your home has plaster, then this can begin to crumble as well.  It is necessary that once the source of the moisture has been dealt with then repairs can begin.  In many cases, you will want to check the integrity of the area affected by the water or mold.  If you are fortunate, then there may only be a need for some fresh paint after the area has been thoroughly cleaned.  Drywall, for instance can become very similar to mush when wet, so these sections may need to be replaced, then you can finish with paint.Mold Removal

Work in bathrooms can be a little trickier as these areas of the house has a constant moisture present from use.  Here you need to make sure that the tubs and sinks are caulked properly to prevent water seepage.  Once this is done and the walls are verified for durability, then new paint or tile can be applied to give the room new life.  If you choose paint over tile, it is recommended that a paint resistant to moisture be applied.

Mold can also affect the air qualities in a home.  Molds reproduce by spores, so it is important to make sure that the HVAC system of your home is cleaned, but also supported by a fresh air filter every 2-3 months.  If you find that you are constantly running your AC or heat, you may wish to change sooner.  If you have pets, this could be a beneficial practice as pet hair travels easily through the HVAC, and it isn’t until you change the filter that you understand how much your pets affect the air quality in your home.

Air filters should be chosen along their HEPA recommendations.  If you fit the categorization to have a stronger filter, then by all means get the most aggressive filter possible.  This will not only filter out the mold spores, but it will filter out other allergens as well making your home more pleasant.

Mold is a very serious issue, and it should be dealt with as soon as possible.  If you delay, then you run the risk of damage to your home and health.  If you suspect that you have mold growth present, call a professional mold removal service to assess your home and suggest plans to help you enjoy your home once again.

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