Finding a Quality Mold Inspector

If you are ever faced with the task of having mold removed from your home, it would be a good thing for you to find a mold removal service that is capable of completing the job the first time.  This can be a daunting process, but if you choose the right service, your experience will get you back into your home.

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The first step to finding a good mold removal service is to call multiple companies.  It would be highly advisable to contact three or four companies.  Don’t settle on the first company, because you might find a better fit for you, but it is going to take some effort first.

Once you have a suitable candidate, the first step is to ask questions of the service.  You want to gauge the experience of the company.  What qualifications do they possess?  Are they certified?  How many inspections have they conducted in the past year?  How do they conduct mold sampling?  By asking these questions, you are beginning to quality of the inspector.  You want a company that has been working at least for several years and has conducted several remediation’s in the past year.  These questions will determine the early position of the investigator to make sure they are fulfilling their position of mold remediation.

Other questions that need to be asked include the hourly rate?  What are the payment terms for the service?  Mold inspection and remediation can be a very expensive process, and it is best to be aware at the beginning how much this will cost you, and how you will have the options to pay for the service.


You will also need to discover through a line of questioning whether or not the inspection is tied to remediation in the same company.  Be aware that inspectors who also remove mold may ‘find’ mold where none exists to create business for themselves.  You also need to see if the re-mediators suggested are affiliated with the inspection company.  This could lead to inspectors sending busy to select re-mediators and this is a faulty business practice.

When you are satisfied with a candidate, and you are ready to finalize the process of contracting the service, make sure that you ask for a list of references.  Ask former customers about the quality of the work and the overall experience.  This is the best way to get the service you want and are paying for.


Call Water Damage Zone, Inc. today (877) 520.1923– your future bills may be a lot smaller, if you follow these simple tips.

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