Health Issues With Mold

Mold is something that people live with on a daily basis.  It can be found in many different environments, and it is very pervasive.  The effects on mold can be different for many people as it can be a minor irritance to something more serious.  It is important to know your molds to see if there needs to be a rapid response and cleanup.

Mold Removal

The first question to ask is, “What is mold?”  They are fungi, and there can be up to half a million different varieties.  They grow in warm, damp and humid conditions.  Molds can also grow where there is detrious materials that can feed mold growth.  Mold reproduction is done through creation of spores which can be carried on the wind or circulated air in a house.  Molds can be very hardy as they can survive dry periods and then grow once the conditions are optimal.

Some of the most common molds are Cladosporium, which is olive green, brown or black in color.  There is also Penicillium which can be used as an antibiotic, but also in the creation of cheeses.  Alternaria is a third kind of fungi which tends to be represented through allergies such as hayfever. Finally, Aspergillus is a mold that can contaminate starchy foods such as breads and potatoes.  While these are four examples, there are thousands of possible molds that can be present in your home.

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We live with mold on a daily basis.  However, sometimes people can develop allergic reactions to their presence.  For sensitive people, symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing and forms of skin irritation can occur.  These can be simple, and they can be dealt with using antihistamines.  Sometimes there is a more serious reaction that can occur.  These severe reactions can be seen in hay fever and shortness of breath.  In extreme cases, mold infections can occur in the lungs.


This potential for serious infection presents the potential of indoor molds for being responsible for respiratory tract symptoms, cough, wheezing, but also asthma in sensitive people.  Sometimes molds can create pneumonia in people with extreme sensitivity.  The risks in children and the elderly can be very susceptible to these effects.

Mold is something that we live with on a daily basis, and it affects each of us differently.  If you find that you have a potential mold issue in your home, you would be well served to contact a certified mold repudiation service for a home assessment.  If mold issues are addressed, then you can begin to enjoy your home.



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Finding a Quality Mold Inspector

If you are ever faced with the task of having mold removed from your home, it would be a good thing for you to find a mold removal service that is capable of completing the job the first time.  This can be a daunting process, but if you choose the right service, your experience will get you back into your home.

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The first step to finding a good mold removal service is to call multiple companies.  It would be highly advisable to contact three or four companies.  Don’t settle on the first company, because you might find a better fit for you, but it is going to take some effort first.

Once you have a suitable candidate, the first step is to ask questions of the service.  You want to gauge the experience of the company.  What qualifications do they possess?  Are they certified?  How many inspections have they conducted in the past year?  How do they conduct mold sampling?  By asking these questions, you are beginning to quality of the inspector.  You want a company that has been working at least for several years and has conducted several remediation’s in the past year.  These questions will determine the early position of the investigator to make sure they are fulfilling their position of mold remediation.

Other questions that need to be asked include the hourly rate?  What are the payment terms for the service?  Mold inspection and remediation can be a very expensive process, and it is best to be aware at the beginning how much this will cost you, and how you will have the options to pay for the service.


You will also need to discover through a line of questioning whether or not the inspection is tied to remediation in the same company.  Be aware that inspectors who also remove mold may ‘find’ mold where none exists to create business for themselves.  You also need to see if the re-mediators suggested are affiliated with the inspection company.  This could lead to inspectors sending busy to select re-mediators and this is a faulty business practice.

When you are satisfied with a candidate, and you are ready to finalize the process of contracting the service, make sure that you ask for a list of references.  Ask former customers about the quality of the work and the overall experience.  This is the best way to get the service you want and are paying for.


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Fixing Water Damage

Water damage in a home can be a tough and stressful event to deal with.  It can come from many different points; burst pipes, rain, poor sealing.  When your home becomes flooded, it is necessary to act fast in order to minimize the impact that these events have on your home.

water 14

Find The Leak

When your home is flooded, the first thing you need to do is turn off the flow of water.  If it is a pipe that burst, then find the corresponding nozzle and shut off the water flow.  If the water is entering from a leak or hole, then this needs to be found as soon as possible and covered.  In many cases, cracks can be sealed with a rubber aerosol sealant, but this is a short-term solution that will need to be addressed and repaired.

If you find that the water is in an area of the home such as the basement or kitchen, you will want to insure that the water is not in danger of becoming electrified.  This is incredibly dangerous as water is an excellent conductor of electricity.  Find your breakers, and turn off power to the areas of the house affected.


Once this is completed, then you can begin the process of cleanup.  Start assembling the proper products needed.  You will want to have rubber gloves, boots, proper cleaning agents, garbage bags, bleach, several buckets, a dehumidifier and a shop vac that can tackle water.   water 1

It is very important to dress accordingly.  In some cases, water can become contaminated through exposure to sewer lines.  This water is called blackwater.  In the event of blackwater, it would be beneficial for you to have the rubber gloves and boots, but also a plastic suit that can be purchased at any hardware store.  Protect yourself at all costs.

When properly attired, then you can begin the cleanup process.  Use the shop vac to begin the removal of water.  Depending on the source of the flooding, the vacuum can be emptied in a toilet or sink.  However, if the flood is due to backed up sewer lines, then it is necessary to clear these lines first.  This will require the assistance of a company that can properly view and clear the pipes.  As you use the shop vac, run the dehumidifier to pull the excess moisture out of the air.  Again, the catch of the dehumidifier can be emptied in a toilet or sink.

Use Bleach

When the water is removed, you will want to begin the next step in cleanup.  Use bleach and your cleaning agents.  Be careful not to mix bleach and ammonia as these can create toxic fumes.  Make sure that you are thorough with your efforts.  If there are materials such as carpets, drywall or other items affected by the water, it may be necessary to throw these items away.  This would be necessary to limit the impact of mold after cleanup.

Water Mitigation by Water Damage Zone Inc

Once everything has been properly and thoroughly cleaned, make sure that all items used in cleanup are properly disposed of.  It maybe necessary to continue to run the dehumidifier, but once you no longer have water in the catch, then the area should be clear.

In the period of time after cleanup, make sure that you continue to monitor the area for a continued leak.  Also, you want to keep watch for mold.  If you see either of these, then it maybe beneficial to call a certified renovation and mold removal service for further assistance.


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Dealing With Crime Scene Cleanup Safely and Effectively

Police tape with fingerprint and magnifying glass

 There are times when we are forced to deal with a crime scene cleanup situation in our
home or business.  It is often an unavoidable and unfortunate situation that is stressful and unpleasant.  It is rarely in our control, but it is something that we have to get through.  Crime scenes often contain blood, plasma, bone, skin, gunpowder residue and likely broken furniture and other home furnishings that have been damaged.  Finding a good crime scene cleanup company is the key to getting through what is always a stressful and very difficult situation. 


Crime scene cleanup is a specialized skill set and not something that you should just
attempt on your own.  The biological
agents (like blood) that are present at a crime scene can be a biohazard and
should only be handled by professionals.
It might seem crazy to think about it, but blood and other biological
agents can make you really sick – it can have all kinds of bacteria in it and
by handling it you may be exposing yourself to a dangerous and possibly life
threatening disease.  You may be really
worried about your property and minimizing the damages to your home or
business, but you need to put your personal safety (and that of your family,
too) first. 


Lethal Weapon and blood splatter

The reality
is that if you have a crime scene on your property, you should get out of the
building and stay out until professionals have cleaned it fully and
completely.  You should locate an
experienced and professional crime scene cleanup company and go over the clean
up plan with them.  Make sure to get a
timeline so you have a clear idea of how long it will take.  It will likely take awhile to clean up the
scene completely so make a plan to stay at a local hotel or with a friend or
relative.  You should not remain in the
home while the cleanup is underway.
Remember: safety first!

Call Water Damage Zone, Inc. today (877) 520.1923– your future bills may be a lot smaller, if you follow these simple tips.

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