Dealing With Crime Scene Cleanup Safely and Effectively

Police tape with fingerprint and magnifying glass

 There are times when we are forced to deal with a crime scene cleanup situation in our
home or business.  It is often an unavoidable and unfortunate situation that is stressful and unpleasant.  It is rarely in our control, but it is something that we have to get through.  Crime scenes often contain blood, plasma, bone, skin, gunpowder residue and likely broken furniture and other home furnishings that have been damaged.  Finding a good crime scene cleanup company is the key to getting through what is always a stressful and very difficult situation. 


Crime scene cleanup is a specialized skill set and not something that you should just
attempt on your own.  The biological
agents (like blood) that are present at a crime scene can be a biohazard and
should only be handled by professionals.
It might seem crazy to think about it, but blood and other biological
agents can make you really sick – it can have all kinds of bacteria in it and
by handling it you may be exposing yourself to a dangerous and possibly life
threatening disease.  You may be really
worried about your property and minimizing the damages to your home or
business, but you need to put your personal safety (and that of your family,
too) first. 


Lethal Weapon and blood splatter

The reality
is that if you have a crime scene on your property, you should get out of the
building and stay out until professionals have cleaned it fully and
completely.  You should locate an
experienced and professional crime scene cleanup company and go over the clean
up plan with them.  Make sure to get a
timeline so you have a clear idea of how long it will take.  It will likely take awhile to clean up the
scene completely so make a plan to stay at a local hotel or with a friend or
relative.  You should not remain in the
home while the cleanup is underway.
Remember: safety first!

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