Cleaning Mold in Your Home

When you find mold in your home, you have options of doing it yourself or calling in a professional.  Should you choose a self-cleaning, the first step that should be done is to identify the causes of the mold and repair this first.  In many cases, this can be a simple leak or condensation raising the humidity levels of a room.  Whatever it may be, you want to address this first in order to prevent the mold from recurring.  It will also be necessary to remove any affected materials such as drywall and carpeting.   Once you have finished this removal and site prepping, then the cleanup can begin.

That isn't a sweater, that's actually #moldbuildup inside a wall cavity.

That isn’t a sweater, that’s actually #moldbuildup inside a wall cavity.


Once you have addressed the issue creating the mold, then you can begin the test for mold.  Rule of thumb is that if you can see or smell it, then you probably have a mold issue.  If found early such as in a bathroom or wall, then the cleanup may be as simple as a damp cloth and a cleaning agent.  You want to careful of the cleaning agents used as some, such as ammonia can mix with mold to create toxic fumes.    A simple humidifier can assist the moisture in the air limiting the growth of mold.



If the mold in question is larger than 6 sq ft, then the cleanup becomes a little more detailed, and you should be methodical in your effort.  Don’t be in a hurry.  You want to have plastic sheets to cover doors, vents, and other openings into the room to prevent the movement of spores.  A respirator would be suggested, paper towels, heavy duty plastic garbage bags, a good cleaner without ammonia, bleach, rubber gloves, 3 one gallon buckets, HEPA-grade vacuum, and a dehumidifier.  Once these items have been procured, then you can proceed.

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In one bucket, mix the cleaner with water.  In a second bucket, mix one cup of bleach for every gallon of water.  Finally, put clean water in the third bucket.  Before cleanup can start, seal off the room with the plastic.  Do not allow children or pets into the work area, and do not eat, drink during the cleanup.  Use the dehumidifier to lessen moisture levels before and after cleanup.

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Clean Up

Once cleanup begins, use the cleaner solution in the first bucket to remove the mold.  Use clean towels regularly and throw the old towels away in the plastic garbage bags.  Rinse the area with the clean water and wipe down with a towel.  Continue to repeat these steps until all mold is gone.  If you have to use the bleach solution, then it would be best to leave the bleach solution for 15 minutes to have proper use of the chlorine in the bleach on the mold.  Once the bleach has had proper time, use the clean water to clean the areas.


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Mold Spores

Once the cleaning has been finished, then use the HEPA-vacuum in the area.  Take your time here as mold spores might still be present.  The HEPA filter removes the spores that may have been left.  Once done, place the HEPA filter in a garbage bag.  Tightly secure the garbage bag, and remove to the garbage bins.  Waste water can be flushed down the toilets or sink.  Remove your cleaning clothes and scrub your hands and face.  Finally, wash your work clothes separately as this may spread mold spores.


Call A Professional

If you feel that the mold issue is more than 6sqft or beyond your ability, make sure that you contact a mold remediation and removal service for the best results.  These companies have been trained in the proper methods for identification and cleanup.

Mold remediation protective equipment

Mold in your house can be an issue that is overwhelming and intimidating.  Through following some simple steps and identifying the issue, then it becomes more manageable to accomplish.  You want to work on the issue as soon as possible, and then you can start enjoying your home again.


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How to Clean up after a Pipe Bursts

For many homeowners there is no more disheartening realization than when you find a pipe bursts in your home.  It can happen for a variety of reasons, and a pipe burst is the last thing that we want to deal with, particularly after a long day at work.  It is dirty.  It is stressful.  It is simply no fun.  However, with the help of a professional and certified restoration crew, a pipe burst can be managed easily.

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Keep Calm And Clean

What should I do when I find a pipe burst in my home?  First, take a deep breath.  You already have a mess on your hands, so be calm about it.  Things will only get better from here.  After the plumbers have repaired the pipes, then it is time to get started on cleanup.  You want to begin as soon as you can after the event.  Don’t let it sit.



DIY or Call Professional

If the water damage has occurred in one room, then you have the option to do it yourself.  However, if the water has moved from upper floors to the lower floors and basement or left for eight hours then you want to explore the services of professional water mitigation and specialized drying equipment.  You do not want mold to get a foothold in your home.

Effects of water damage


Safety First

In all cleanup take care of your safety first.  If you have standing water, then you want to know where all the electrical outlets/appliances are.  Also, if you have sewage water, then make sure that you are wearing appropriate gear.  Don’t put yourself in jeopardy.  Be careful, smart and thorough.  Wear rubber boots and gloves, protective eyewear.

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Remove Soaked Items

In the course of cleanup, remove soaked carpets, furniture and other items from the flooded area.  Depending on the damage, you may not be able to save them.  It is important to get them out of the way.



Remove The Water

If there is still water present, use towels and a mop to dry the floor.  A wet-dry shop vac is also possible, and these can be rented from hardware stores.  Do your best to remove the water.  Be careful where you dispose of the water.  You do not want to send the water down the drain with the pipe burst, or else you risk doing the work twice with twice the damage.  Your next step is to procure a dehumidifier as it will get moisture out of the area affected better than fans.  Be sure to empty as it fills.  Silica gel is a desiccant that will be necessary to use nears walls or floors that have taken in moisture.

Water Damage Equipment

Water Damage Equipment

Call For Help

Remember, drying an area by yourself can be done, but it is a very intensive and large project.  If it feels like it is more than you can handle or extends to multiple rooms and floors, then save yourself a major headache and call a professional restoration company.  In this regard, certified companies are well supplied and trained to handle this kind of water damage.  A restoration service is able to assess the damage quickly and give you a plan to get your property back in shape as soon as possible.


Call Water Damage Zone, Inc. today (877) 520.1923– your future bills may be a lot smaller, if you follow these simple tips.

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HVAC System Mold

If you have a strong mildew odor when you use the air conditioning in your home, then you may have an issue with mold.  You want to check in the ducts, intake vents, cooling coils and the drip pans for any sign.  One of the major issues that can occur is that many people do not see mold, but they can still smell it when the AC is on.  This is when you want to contact a professional to inspect the system as soon as possible.  Immediate action will prevent the mold from spreading throughout your home once the AC is used.



Condensation And Mold

Condensation is the chief culprit of mold in an HVAC system.  When your air conditioner gets cold, condensation occurs.  This occurs more frequently in areas of the home are warm and humid like in the basement.  Here you may see little pools of water form on the basement floor if conditions are right.  If the levels of humidity are low, then this is not a problem as any water will evaporate quickly.  If the humidity in the basement is high and constant, then you risk a serious mold issue.



Mold Spreads

HVAC mold removal can be very difficult.  Your HVAC system can be a labyrinth of vents where mold has a chance to gain a foothold and grow.  In addition to this, the ability of the mold spores to move throughout the house quickly becomes a real issue.  This difficulty presents homeowners with the situation where a trained, certified mold removal and restoration company are a good way to proceed.



Check The Filters

Proactive steps are present that you can take to eliminate a mold problem before it becomes a problem.  Make sure that you change your air filter regularly.  Air filters should be changed every 2-3 months as they catch particles such as dust, pet hair and other sources of food for mold.  Second, make sure that you run a dehumidifier in damp areas of the home, such as the basement.  Dehumidifying a room takes the moisture out of the air that is necessary for condensation.  Insulation of the air ducts and cooling coils can also reduce the amount of condensation leading to the development of mold.



Contact A Specialist

If you think that the mold issue is contained to a single area, there are detailed steps that you should take to insure proper cleanup and your health and safety.  To help you and reduce the stress involved, you may wish to contact a certified and trained mold removal and restoration specialist company to complete the work for you.  These companies know the difficulties in working with HVAC systems and mold removal, and they will be perfectly suited to assist you in cleaning your home.



Call Water Damage Zone, Inc. today (877) 520.1923– your future bills may be a lot smaller, if you follow these simple tips.

We specialize in the following services:

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