How to Prepare for Winter

After spring and summer have begun to fade away and the beautiful shades of the autumn leaves are beginning to make their appearance, a dangerous turn is lurking just around the corner. Even though winter is filled with fun things like Christmas and building snowmen, it can also bring about a dangerous factor as well.

The low temperatures that typically come along with winter can easily damage things around the home and it is important that we all prepare for the dangerous days ahead. By planning ahead, you will know that you will not be caught off guard when inclement weather begins to appear.

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Outside your home

There are many things that you should do on the outside of your home to protect it from the effects of winter. You should first bring all your garden hoses and sprinklers inside your garage or shed so that you can store them safely. Covering your spigots with a Styrofoam cover is also an important step. You can also wrap them in newspaper and use electric tape to help ward off frozen and damaged spigots.

If there are any exposed pipes, you will need to wrap them with some sort of protective layer; cloth, paper or foam wrap; in order to prevent the pipes from freezing. Your trees should also receive a protective layer around the base of them as well. Mulch is perfect to help them retain their heat.

In the case that ice is a possibility, make sure that you have purchased cat litter, sand and bagged salt so that you can pour it on walkways, stairs and driveways that may become iced-over during a storm. This will help prevent falls and will give your vehicle traction in the case of an ice storm.



Inside your Home

In order to prepare for the winter, you should purchase additional flashlights, batteries and radios so that you will be prepared if the electric were to fail. These items should be easily accessible and you should be able to find them in the dark.

You should also stock up on items that are nonperishable in case you are snowed in and unable to reach the grocery store for more supplies. Make sure that you also have a working manual can opener on hand as well.

Finally, you should check all the weather stripping around your windows and doors and test your furnace. It is also best to have a back-up source of heat so that you will be able to stay warm if the power does fail. For those with a wood burning stove, stocking up on chopped wood is also an important step.


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There are many things that you can do in order to prepare for the winter months before they happen. By preparing ahead, you will have a better chance of staying safe throughout the winter and remaining comfortable if a winter storm does cause damage to your area. You will then be able to relax and stay warm while the damage is repaired.


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