6 Common Holiday Fire Hazards to Watch For This Season

holiday home  fire hazards

For most, the holidays are a time meant for spending time with friends and family. With, annual Christmas parties, office parties and whatever, else you might do for the holiday. Its supposed to be a cheerful time, meant to be spent with the one’s you love. It is a time where our family and friends surround most of us. It is the season for cheer, lavish decorations, parties, holiday cooking, gratitude and gift giving.

Unfortunately, it also happens to be the season for house fires.

Where the once cheerful holiday magic and laughter, that’s now replaced with grim memories; destroyed by fire and layered with ash and soot.

There are many holiday fire hazards out there; do you know what to do in order to prevent your family from becoming a grim memory? Below, we have pointed out the six (6) most common and dangerous Holiday Fire Hazards.

  1. Unmonitored candles –Candles tend to smell great, but you have to keep an eye on them as they burn. Don’t ever leave a burning candle alone in a room. Otherwise, a stray wick may end up causing a fire. Either keep a close eye on candles, or opt for battery-operated options instead.
  2. Dry Christmas trees – A major reason for the push to use faux trees during the holiday season is because dried pine needles can be a major fire hazard when combined with candles, fireplaces, or other similar Christmas-y goodies.
  3. Too many lights holiday lights in one single socket The beautiful part about electricity is that it lets us hang up a slew of different Christmas lights. When people have only one socket they can dedicate to their light displays, it’s common for them to come up with MacGuyver-esque solutions to this issue, which incidentally can overload the socket and cause a fire. Surge protectors are great things, people!
  4. Frayed Christmas light wires Even though we only use Christmas lights once a year, frayed wires do happen. An errant spark is all that needs to happen for those wires to turn into an electrical fire. Check your Christmas light wires before you plug them in, and discard any lights that have shoddy wiring.
  5. Drunken anticsThis may seem out of the blue for some, but the truth is that alcohol and fire simply do not mix. One drink too many has convinced plenty of people that a new cooking style, new fire trick, or new way to celebrate was apropos. There are a good number of those ideas that were later put out by their local fire department. In other words, partying responsibly will reduce the chance of you lighting your own home on fire.
  6. Unattended or sloppy cooking Some holiday dishes do require a lot of time on the stove, and when one follows the recipe correctly, this is never an issue. The issues arise when people forget to turn down the heat, allow pots to boil over, or simply flambé their dishes a little too enthusiastically. Make sure that you are careful when cooking your holiday dinners – especially if you choose to deep fry a turkey!

Facts About Home Holiday Fires

  • One of every three home Christmas tree fires are caused by electrical problems.
  • Although Christmas tree fires are not common, when they do occur, they are more likely to be serious. On average, one of every 40 reported home structure Christmas tree fires results in a death compared to an average of one death per 142 total reported home structure fires.
  • A heat source too close to the tree causes roughly one in every six of Christmas tree fires.
  • More than half (56%) of home candle fires occur when something that can catch on fire is too close to the candle.
  • December is the peak time of year for home candle fires. In December, 11% of home candle fires began with decorations compared to 4% the rest of the year.
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Source: National Fire Protection Association

Winter Energy Saving Tips For Los Angeles, CA Residents

Properly preparing your home for cold weather can save energy, help keep your winter energy bills under control, and keep you and your family warm when temperatures drop.

  • Prepare your home this winter
  • Tarzana Residential Restoration

DIY & Easy Cost effective ways for you to save money on your winter energy bill.

Check for leaks
and easy ways for homeowners to save time, energy and money. Instead of having to crank up their thermostats, which in turn, cranks up the amount of money that they have to pay by the end of the month. However, there is a way to avoid the high cost of energy bills during the winter, and all you have to do is call Water Damage Zone to help you improve your home’s energy efficiency.

The best way to have energy savings throughout the winter is to make sure that your home is leak free. Meaning it has as few leaks as possible. A high level of insulation means, your home is not allowing as much heat to escape.  Which is good news for you and your family if you don’t like the cold and chilly drafts associated with poor insulation. You can improve your home’s insulation with the right roofing. Other times, the best way to get a higher level of insulation is to replace your windows with energy efficient windows and seal off any openings that you may have around the window itself. Water Damage Zone can help with all of those endeavors.

Of course, reducing water damage to your home can do a lot for your energy bills. By reducing the amount of water damage in your walls, or by fixing walls that have been harmed by flooding in the past, you will give yourself a home with more stable, more insulated walls than ever before. Reducing the amount of water damage that your home experiences greatly decreases the amount of energy necessary to keep your home warm. In fact, a simple consultation from Water Damage Zone, Inc.  can give you the knowledge and insight into your home that you’ve been looking for.  Our technicians are available to assist in giving your the best plan for improving your homes energy efficiency. Also, giving you a detailed report on what you can do to improve energy savings throughout your home.

Another excellent way to increase your energy savings throughout the year is to invest in energy efficient appliances. A new refrigerator, air conditioner, or even television that is designed to help you save on energy year round can help you save several hundred dollars within a couple years. Many energy efficiency experts can point you to the biggest energy drains in your home and explain how a new version can improve the size of your electricity bills.

You can also look into energy rebates. Check with your local water and power company or, check with your local government office to see if they offer any incentives in your area.

Call Water Damage Zone, Inc. today (877) 520.1923– your future bills may be a lot smaller, if you follow these simple tips.

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10 Tips About Mold Remediation in Sherman Oaks, CA …I bet you didn’t know.

Mold remediation has become a common issue these days. It seems as if every restoration, water damage, & carpet cleaning company offers mold remediation as an option.

However, with so many options for mold remediation in Sherman Oaks -how can you be sure of which provider to choose? Thankfully, Mold Removal Sherman Oaks is renowned for their superior mold remediation and water damage services. The most common misconception about mold removal is that once you remove the visible mold, the problem is gone. This creates a false sense of security for property owners. In many cases, the problem becomes worse when mold is addressed improperly. If you disturb the environment where mold has begun forming and expose it, you risk cross contaminating your home and spreading the mold to more places. Thus, also creating a larger loss and area that needs to be treated which means more money.

Each home and situation requires a well thought out strategy for resolving the problem based on the extent of the contamination and the dwelling’s specific qualities, including: the age of the home, construction methods used, building materials, personal belongings, and furnishings. Such factors play a key role in the forming of a successful remediation plan.

Learn more about Mold Growth:

  1. One of main reasons for mold growth is water incursion. Mold can form anytime and anywhere when given the right environment for survival. Mold will normally begin forming in areas with moisture and warm temperature conditions. Found in places such as; wall interiors, attics and basements and caused commonly by plumbing leakage, sink basins, dripping taps, showers, sprinklers, or even simply standing water. These areas are all common for the accumulation of water, condensation and humidity.
  2. Another important fact regarding mold: Mold when found in its natural environment is not toxic to nature; mold produces toxins that are not poisonous to nature, only when found in an unnatural foreign habitat can it become harmful to humans.
  3. Mold remediation can easily help rectify this sort of situation. This is most effectively done when you contact Mold Removal Sherman

  4. Mold may potentially create health issues; people whom are
    asthmatic; children and elderly or suffer from a compromised immune system are more susceptible to the harmful effects of mold. Too much exposure may cause wheezing, coughing and even asthma.

How to remediate Mold?

A common misconception about mold is that “bleach kills it”. However, this does not help in any way. There are essentially three ways to effectively remove and prevent mold.

  1. 1st The first is to locate the source of water that is causing the mold and turn it off
  2. 2nd Use biocide as a way to remove mold
  3. 3rd Trap the mold

Mold Removal Sherman
Oaks uses advance Mold remediation techniques in order to achieve a mold free home.

  1. We implement green practices in our mold remediation in order to protect the health of your home and family.
    It is very important that you do not allow exposed mold for too long due to the potentially harmful health effects it may cause.

  2. Homes are not the only places where you can find mold; commercial buildings and large offices are susceptible to mold as well- usually due to faulty water systems.
  3. Mold Removal Sherman Oaks, we are local, reliable, and honest! With over 20 years of experience in the industry. We are local and available 24/7 for all your water damage emergencies  877.520.1923

Origins of Mold:

This is not a recent phenomenon; mold has been a problem since the seventies. Mold originally arose from bad construction processes, building materials and lack of energy efficiency. It becomes necessary to understand how mold can be a nuisance not just to your health but also the health of your home.

Under Sink Water Damage Inspections 101

Shown picture of water damaged cabinet caused by the sink leaking.

Under Sink Water Damage 101

What you need to know when it comes to slow drips and your home

One of the most common places where leaks start is right underneath the kitchen sink. Scarily enough, this also is the area that water can do some of the worst damage! Water damage that occurs near the kitchen poses a particularly dangerous problem to you & your family, who intend on cooking or eating food prepared in the kitchen. Should the water damage lead to mold, toxic spores can contaminate food. Of course, water damage can also lead to higher rates of insect and pest infestations as well. Soooo, since I know I do not cook in my bathroom, and I am sure you do not as well. If you have noticed or might think, you possibly may have a problem, water damage; even from something as simple as a leaky pipe under your sink, can be a very dangerous issue in your kitchen. The good news is that you can catch much of the damage before it becomes a major problem by routinely checking under your sink.

Usually, you never notice a leak until it is too late. Inspect under your kitchen sink when you feel that there may be a leak in your home.

Several major indicators of water damage suggest a kitchen leak. If you notice that your kitchen sink has not been offering the same volume of water that it normally does for several days in a row, you might want to call a plumber, as well as water damage experts. Should you notice that water is leaking from your sink’s water faucet knobs; this should raise cause for concern. Leaks from water faucet handles are a clear sign that there is likely water damage underneath your sink, as well as a possibility of mold damage in your walls. Of course, if you smell a musty, mildew odor in your kitchen, it’s imperative that you call water damage experts to check it out as soon as possible.

Sometimes, the signs are a little more subtle. When performing an under sink water damage inspection, look at the wood on the bottom of the sink cabinet. Strange new stains, unusually warped wood bases, and signs of stagnant water pooling at the bottom of the sink cupboard are all signs that you may need to call a water damage expert, get your plumbing fixed, and possibly look for damage elsewhere in the home as well. If you have wallpaper around the sink area, it’s a smart idea to examine it for signs of peeling or cracking – classic indicators of water damage.

It may seem silly to clean out the bottom of your sink cabinet and run a cursory inspection periodically, but the fact is that it can save you a lot of money. Finding water damage and seeing the effects. is the first step to getting the repairs that you need to have, and the sooner you spot the leak, the better off you will be.

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Be Aware Of Water Damage In Your Home 877.520.1923

Events That Should Cause Concern

Water damage
 can be prevented more often than not, but there are occasions where even the most vigilant homeowner ends up finding leaks, mold, and other similarly unpleasant issues associated with severe water damage. As we have covered in other articles on this site, water damage can cause a home to fall apart quite rapidly, and it can even pose a danger to one’s health. Are you worried that your home may have sustained some water damage? Chances are that you might have reason to be concerned if your home recently endured any of the following events…

A major snowstorm, or a major episode of hail. Snowstorms are notoriously bad for a home’s roofing, and loose shingles are often the reason why water damage occurs to a home’s roof, ceiling, and insulation. If you notice shingles loosening from your roof, call a contractor and your local water restoration company. IMMEDIATE RESPONSE 877.520.1923

There has been a lot of rain, and a lot of leaves falling on the ground and into your gutters. When your gutters are clogged with leaves, and there is a lot of rainfall in your area, watch out! The rain that’s pouring down the sides of your home often will get into your home through window openings. However, did you know that along with the water often comes mold spores from the leaves. It’s a bad combination, any way you look at it.

There has been a flood in your home. One of the most common side effects of flooding is water damage in the home. If your home has experienced a flood due to either inclement weather or a major pipe burst, call a water damage crew immediately before the damage sets in.

Your water heater burst, your kitchen plumbing has gone awry, or your toilet plumbing suffered a break. Much like with weather-related flooding, homes that recently dealt with plumbing issues often have some form of water damage to show for it. This might not always be the case, but the fact is that it happens often enough to be a sign that you may have some unnoticed water damage.

Generally speaking, any time a very large quantity of water seeps into your home, you are looking at a situation that could potentially have water damage. When in doubt, call your local water damage experts to take a look at the situation. As they say, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. No matter what, we know how awful it is to have a major or minor water damage happen to your property. Especially with the holidays around the corner, thankfully we have certified and trained technicians to help you through this difficult time.

Insurance Policy Problems?

Not all the homeowner’s insurance policies provide coverage for water damage and in many cases people with policies should check to make sure what is covered for water damage in their insurance policy. One of the usual issues of such damage in a residential area is the breakdown of a sump pump, and normally a homeowner’s insurance policy does not offer coverage for such costs. Other causes of water damage include:

  • Leaking and bursting pipes
  • Build up in places that gathers water like attics, basement and crawl spaces
  • Problems with plumbing system
  • Malfunctioning and faulty household appliances
  • Weather related and natural disaster issues

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