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Summary: This PR Web is to announce a memo to the readers that the Restoration Company Water Damage Encino has recently issued few Mold prevention tips to the people. The Water Damage Encino is a family owned company. Water Damage Encino (888) 421 7672Also, we offer 24 hour emergency support, restoration, remodeling, direct billing, crawl space dry out services to its customers.

Water Damage Encino – Effective Mold Preventive tips launched by Water Damage Encino

United States, 30th August, 2012: Water Damage Encino is considered to be an apparent company which provides Mold removal services for all residential and business properties. Recently the company has issued various preventive tips regarding the Mold control in order to protect the people from various health problems such as allergies, respiratory harms and so on.

Moreover the Water Damage Encino offers free Inspection for all the homeowners and the technicians of the restoration company have got their certification from IICRA Board. Further the experts are trained in diverse fields such as flood cleanup, Tear gas remediation, smoke & sewage cleanup and so on. Some of the preventive tips to avoid mold are as follows:

  • One of the important point to be noted is to control the moisture as it creates the problem for mold damage
  • Always have a check over condensation and wet spots. It is better that you analyze the source of moisture problems as soon as possible.
  • Uphold a low indoor humidity which should be below 60% relative humidity.
  • Don’t ever let the building material or floor to stay wet. Make sure to provide drainage facility to the home.

Apart from this, if you have any questions regarding our Mold Removal services, please feel free to drop a line to us –

Emergency call number: (888) 421 7671

About Water Damage Encino: The leading restoration company Water Damage Encino exhibits unique techniques and methods in their renovation process. Further they utilize the latest equipment and technology in the restoration structure. Water Damage Encino is licensed, Insured and legally comply with IICRA guidelines. It is important to know that mold testing and clean up services can be performed by experienced professionals as it involves lot of steps to be followed.

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Proper ways of mold removal and clean up (877) 520 1923 Water Damage Zone Inc

Mold removal not only include exclusion of the mold physically but also elimination of the fungal and the contaminated growth.Simply using biocide will not be enough because even dead mold can be a threat, because …. To Read more, Click on the below link

Proper ways of mold removal and clean up (877) 520 1923 Water Damage Zone Inc.



Water Damage zone providing Mold Removal Services for Residential & Business to Valencia

RT @waterdamagezone: Water Damage zone providing Mold Removal Services for Residential & Business to Valencia California.

Safety Tips While Investigating Mold and Moisture Problems

RT @waterdamagezone: Safety Tips While Investigating Mold and Moisture Problems. Water Damage Zone & Restoration, Inc | PRLog

What is the IICRC and S500 history and How it is related to Water Damage

I have been asked many times by customer “what are the Water Damage Standard and who is the industry behind it?” This is an excellent question that will be answer in the below article. Provided to you by Water Damage Zone

IICRC and S500 History: IIWater Damage Zone IncCRC is the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. IICRC is a non-profit education, training certification and standards organization that represents restorers and certified technicians in 30 countries.

The first water damage restoration standard was published in 1994; it was revised in 1999, with the current edition published in 2006. Since 1999, there have been monumental changes in the industry as related to restoration equipment, procedures and training. In fact, many professionals and experts felt the 1999 Standard was outdated by 2003, and it should have been updated at that time. In 2003 what was occurring in background, committees and taskforces across the U.S. were meeting and discussing upcoming changes. Industry was developing an entirely new standard of care based on the coreprinciples of science taken from the 1999 standard.

The S500 2006 edition has been completely updated and rewritten. The Standard has additional sections and chapters. New language is inserted into the Standard that complies with and allows the Standard to accredited by ANSI (Approved American National Institute). While the Standard requires restorers to follow core-principles, the Standard is voluntary, in that it allows the restorer to deviate from the Standard based on each unique situation and circumstance, since no two water damage situations are exactly the same. Deviating from the Standard requires the restorer to document why deviation was necessary.

The S500 Standard is a procedural standard that is a consensus document developed by restorers, building scientists, environmental professionals, insurance industry, equipment and chemical manufacturers and training schools. The Standard was not just written for restorers and adjusters to follow, the Standard was written to building owners and engineers, specialty contractors, indoor environmental professionals and others, such as property managers who require a working knowledge of water damage restoration industry.

Industry Standard Conflicts

Industry developed standards and guidelines to aid all parties understand what is required to mitigate water damage claims in a professional and timely manner. When parties require clarification about why it is necessary to complete restoration in a particular order; they don’t understand why it is important to clean and dry materials; they have a different agenda unknown to the restorer or adjuster; all parties are expected to consult the S500 Standard 2006 edition to provide clarification. IICRC S500 Standard is sometimes referred to as the “industry bible.” The Standard will cover most situations a restorer or adjuster will experience. When the consumer, restorer or adjuster is at odds with each other, an independent 3rd party expert (remediation professional and sometime an environmental expert) who thoroughly understands current industry standards should be hired to oversee that portion of the claim.

Source: www.IAQHelp.comPatrick J. Moffett. All Rights Reserved. Page 7

Mold Prevention Tips RT @waterdamagezone

Mold Prevention Tips
RT @waterdamagezone:

Water Damage can be costly and inconvenience. Water Damage Zone & Restoration Inc Can Help! (877) 520 1923

Water damage can be caused by a broken pipe, toilet over flow, sewer backup, flood, or leaky roof. We cannot control water damage from happening. Water Damage Zone & Restoration Inc can be at your property within 45 min and get your home or business dried and disinfected as fast as possible.
Water Damage ToolsWater damage that is not being taking care remains at a perfect environment for mold to grow.
If your property has been affected by water damage, call Water Damage Zone (877) 520 1923.  We will fully assess the water damage situation and restore your property to its pre-loss condition.
The most effective way to avoid secondary damage is to respond quickly and to have your property dried, ventilated, and disinfected. Un-treated water damage can cause swelling of building material and weakness of its structure.

Water Damage Zone & Restoration Inc. offer s 24/7 emergency water damage restoration and flood damage restoration services. Water Damage Zone offers Free Mold Inspection during business hours.
Water Damage Zone’s specialist have been helped other residential and commercial customers in your area by providing water damage restoration services and flood restoration services.
By using a professional water damage restoration company such as Water Damage Zone & Restoration Inc. you will save money and time and you will buy peace of mind. Most home owners do not have the right drying equipment to use at water damage situations. Using fans and open windows might help but will not dry or clean up the mess and your property still remain in risk for secondary damage such as mold. It is extremely important to take care of water damage properly. If the water damage is not properly restore, moisture will remain in the property and moisture is the perfect environment for mold to grow inside building material. Some individuals are high allergic to mold and can develop many health related issues ranging from allergies to bleeding lungs.